You can help change the future today

No one knows how many lives research will save in the future, but you can help make it possible.

If you're thinking of writing or updating your Will, you might be interested in our Free Wills service which gives you the chance to make a simple Will (or mirror Wills) for free through our partnership with the Canadian Free Wills Network.

Alberta Lung is offering this special time limited opportunity to our valued donors.

You are not obligated to leave a gift to Alberta Lung, however we hope that you will see this program as the perfect way to satisfy your estate planning objectives. Every estate can benefit from tax savings and by planning ahead, yours can too. Like you, we need to plan ahead and a gift in a Will helps us support the future; a future free of lung disease.

Leave a Legacy and be part of tomorrow's future, today. Your gift is vital to the future of Canadians facing Lung Disease.

 Not a penny is wasted. We will spend your money wisely, where it will have the most impact. We will handle your legacy with the utmost sensitivity and respect, and will keep your decision completely confidential.

There are different types of gifts that you can leave in your Will. To help decide which is best for you, we explain each one here:

 Residual: Your residual estate is the remainder after expenses such as debts and liabilities, income tax and administration costs and any other gifts have been taken care of. Your gift could be the whole or a percentage of your residual estate.

 Legacy: A legacy gift is a gift of cash, an amount which you specify. For example, if you decided that you wish to leave a gift of $10,000 to CHARITY X, this would be called a cash legacy gift.

 Specific: A particular item such as jewelry, stocks and shares or the proceeds of a Life Insurance policy, any of which must be easy for the executor to identify. 

 Conditional: You may wish to include a clause in your Will to allow for unforeseen circumstances. For example, "I leave to my spouse the whole of my estate but if they fail to survive me for 28 days, I leave the whole of my estate to CHARITY X."

Frequently Asked Questions:
What's the cost to supporters? A simple Will is free. Additional work is chargeable.
When can I have my Will written? This offer is being made available to our valued donors since 2019.
Where can I go? You choose from a list of lawyers in your area.
Who will write my Will? A legally qualified lawyer.
Who is eligible? Residents of Alberta, ages 55+

Get started on your free Will today. Every gift makes a difference.

Page Last Updated: 14/06/2022