Want to help those Albertans living with lung disease? Become a Volunteer!
LEND US YOUR LUNGS (AND HANDS). It seems our remarkable volunteers rarely take a breather and are making their committment felt. From cheering on our event participants, joining a committee, to volunteering in our office, there are endless ways to get involved. Whether it’s minutes or months, hours or days, the time you give really does matter to helping all Albertans breathe.


As an Alberta Lung volunteer, you will:


  • Make a meaningful difference to keeping Albertans breathing

  • Meet new people and make new friends

  • New experiences with family or friends

  • Challenge Yourself

  • Develop professional networks

  • Gain experience in a variety of roles

  • Explore different career and job opportunities

  • Get  training and develop new skills

  • meet like-minded volunteers and become part of the Alberta Lung family

Continue through the application so we can learn more about you and match you with the best opportunity.
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Page Last Updated: 29/11/2021