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Airway Inflammation Research Group
University of Calgary
The Airway Inflammation Research Group is currently focusing their efforts on many research areas including; Respiratory Muscle Pathophysiology, Fetal and Neonatal Lung Development, Biophysics of Alveolar and Airway Surfaces Asthma, and Environmental Lung Diseases.

Alberta Breathes

Active from 2006 to 2014, Alberta Breathes was a coalition of individuals and organizations with a shared interest in improving respiratory health in Alberta. Alberta Breathes developed 62 Standards for Respiratory Care to shape planning that will lead to an optimal system if respiratory care.  These patient-centered standards were then prioritized into the top 20 by respondents and distributed to over 1,000 healthcare professionals and administrators. 

The Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP)

The ACP is responsible for quality pharmacist practice in Alberta.  Its major activities include ensuring that only qualified pharmacists are licensed in the province, and that Alberta pharmacists maintain their knowledge and skills at the highest level possible.  It also ensures that pharmacies provide a practice environment for their employees, supporting quality practice and the safety of their clients.

Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP)
The CRHP is the Canadian Lung Association's multidisciplinary allied health professional section. The CRHP welcomes nurses, respiratory therapists, cardio-pulmonary physiotherapists, pharmacists, and other allied health professional working in the respiratory field.

The Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS)

The Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) promotes lung health by supporting the respiratory community through leadership, collaboration, research, learning and advocacy, and promoting the best respiratory practices in Canada

College and Association of Respiratory Therapist of Alberta (CARTA)
CARTA is a health disciplines association with delegated provincial government authority to regulate the profession of respiratory therapy in accordance with the Health Disciplines Act and the Respiratory Therapists Regulation.

The Canadian Tuberculosis Standards, 7th edition

This seventh edition of the Canadian Tuberculosis Standards (the Standards) has been extensively revised to incorporate new information, building upon the six previous versions of the Standards. Each chapter is written by authors from across Canada with expertise in the specific areas. The Standards is jointly funded, edited and produced by the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) of the Canadian Lung Association (CLA) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).  

Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT)
CSRT is the national professional association for respiratory therapists. The CSRT awards a voluntary national credential, the CSRT RRT, obtained through a voluntary national certification mechanism. The CSRT represents the profession on medical, government, education and advisory bodies and maintains a national professional standard of practice.  The CSRT works with health organizations concerned with asthma, emphysema, smoking, and health care and publishes the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy. 

COPD and Asthma Network of Alberta (CANA)
A Network of Healthcare professionals designed to play a leadership role in creating an Alberta where the incidence of COPD and asthma are minimized, and the health and quality of life for those affected is optimized.  CANA operates with the goal of developing and implementing a comprehensive, provincial strategy which promotes and supports excellence in the prevention, promotion, and management of COPD and Asthma in Alberta.

The College and Association of Registered Nurses in Alberta (CARNA)
CARNA demonstrates visible leadership in achieving professional excellence, influencing health policy, and serving the public through safe, competent and ethical nursing practice. 

Pulmonary Research Group (PRG)
University of Alberta, Edmonton
The University of Alberta PRG is a multi-disciplinary group composed of 18 full members and 15 associate members who pursue research interests in respiratory disease. The goal of the PRG is to promote and advance novel applied translational studies that brings together basic and clinical scientists in a highly integrated, hypothesis-driven and thematically based research.

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