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The Path to Defeating COVID‑19

As the trusted champion for lung health, Alberta Lung is focused on slowing the spread and defeating COVID-19. To further protect the overall population and those most vulnerable, we need a sufficiently high proportion of the population to get vaccinated to stop coronavirus transmission. The introduction of a COVID-19 vaccine gives us hope.

​We encourage everyone to consider getting a vaccine once one is available for you. 



COVID-19 Vaccine Progress to Date in Canada

COVID-19 immunization is underway with the following vaccines approved by Health Canada:

View the number of doses distributed and administered.

Initial Vaccine Recipient Prioritization

Doses for the whole population will arrive at different times. A phased approach to vaccine delivery will begin with the arrival of limited doses, which will be prioritized for high-risk people. When it is your turn to receive the COVID-19 vaccine you can book your appointment online.

Early Phase: December 2020

Immunizations were offered to key populations, with a focus on acute care sites with the highest COVID-19 capacity concerns in Edmonton and Calgary:

  • Health-care workers in intensive care units
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Staff in long term care and designated supportive living facilities

Phase 1: January - March 2021

  • Respiratory therapists
  • Health-care workers in intensive care units
  • Health-care workers in emergency departments
  • Health-care workers in COVID-19 units, medical and surgical units, and operating rooms
  • Paramedics and emergency medical responders
  • Staff in long term care and designated supportive living facilities
  • Home care workers
  • All residents of long term care and designated supportive living, regardless of age
  • First Nations, Inuit, Métis and persons 65 years of age and over living in a First Nations community or Metis Settlement
  • Seniors 75 years of age and over, no matter where they live:
    • Starting Feb. 19, AHS will vaccinate residents in retirement centres, lodges, supportive living and other congregate living facilities with people 75 or older
    • Starting Feb. 24, any Albertan born in 1946 or earlier can book an appointment

Phase 2: AstraZeneca - March 10

Albertans aged 50 to 64 who do not have a severe chronic illness can either:

  • Receive the AstraZeneca vaccine early, or
  • Wait until Phase 2D begins in May to get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine

Appointment bookings will open in stages by birth year, one year at a time:

  • Born in 1957: Starting March 10
  • Following years and dates will be announced based on supply

AstraZeneca has been proven to be highly effective in preventing serious illness and death in healthy adults 18 to 64. People in Phase 2B and Phase 2C are ineligible due to age, chronic health conditions or living arrangements.

Find out if it’s is right for you.


Phase 2: Group A - Starting week of March 15

People in Group A can receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Exact booking dates will be announced the week of March 15.

  • Albertans aged 65 to 74, booked in stages by birth year
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis people aged 50 and older
  • Staff and residents of licensed supportive living (seniors) not included in Phase 1

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are prioritized for people most at risk of severe outcomes, due to limited supply.

Phase 2: Groups B, C, D - April - June 

Phase 2 is broken into Groups A to D. Vaccinations for each group will begin once the previous group has been completed. Timelines are subject to change depending on vaccine supply. Detailed information on how eligible Albertans will receive the vaccine will be released prior to each group.

Group B

  • Albertans aged 18 to 64 with high-risk underlying health conditions
  • Specific conditions will be provided prior to Phase 2 roll-out

Group C

  • Residents and staff of eligible congregate living settings: correctional facilities, homeless shelters, group homes including disability, mental health and other types of licensed supportive living
  • Health-care workers providing direct and acute patient care who have a high potential for spread to high risk individuals
  • Caregivers of Albertans who are most at risk of severe outcomes

Group D

  • Albertans aged 50 to 64, no matter where they live
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis people aged 35 to 49 on and off reserve or Métis Settlements

Work to identify sequencing for all other groups is underway. If additional vaccines are approved and become available, people between the ages of 18 and 64 who work in specific workplaces or industries may be included in Phase 2.

Phase 3: Spring / Early Summer

  • Anticipated start of roll-out to the general public

Follow Up: Second Dose

Second doses of the vaccine are necessary to ensure you're protected for as long as possible.

In Alberta, second doses will be administered within 42 days after the first dose to allow as many people to receive the vaccine as quickly as possible. This aligns with the approach recommended by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) and the World Health Organization statements on vaccines for COVID-19.

Once you've had both doses of the vaccine, you are less likely to become sick with COVID-19. But we don't yet know if the vaccine prevents people from spreading the virus. Continue following public health measures to keep unvaccinated people around you safe.


Vaccine Safety

Canada has an established vaccine safety system that ensures all vaccines are as safe as possible. The safety of a COVID-19 vaccine is a top priority. Learn more about how federal partners are ensuring that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

What You Can Do Now

Follow the Public Health Measures

Stay home - save lives and don't put others at risk​

Practice physical distancing - stay 2 metres from anyone who is not in your household

Wear a mask or face covering in public spaces when physical distancing isn't possible

Take a self-assessment to help you decide if you need a COVID-19 test


Travel restrictions to prevent COVID-19

Stay up to date with the latest information about COVID-19 in Alberta

Do You Plan to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Alberta Lung encourages everyone to talk with their doctor about planning for the COVID-19 Vaccine. To stop the spread of infection and end the pandemic, Canada needs widespread adoption of the COVID-19 Vaccine. Will you get vaccinated?

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